Jealousy Leads to Death of 24-yr Old Lukas

A tragic brutal jealousy-driven murder took place late Monday in the small town of Sarisske Michalany following a heated exchange between two rivals over the same 18-yr old girl.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

Two young men, Lukas and Miki, both had relations with 18-yr old Dominka. According to SITA newswire, they had been argiung over her all day Monday, but eventually agreed that the best would be if neither of them saw her anymore. Lukas (†24) is said to have gone back to Dominka, which enraged Miki to the point that he is now accused or running over Lukas and his friend with a car, and stabbing Lukas to death at least 17 times.

Miki himself reported the scene to the emergency services, claiming that he had been attacked by Lukas and his friend. He denies anything to do with the stabbing, however. If found guily of murder charges, he could face up to 20 years in jail.


  1. “could face UP TO 20 years in jail” So a deliberate, premeditated, brutal murder, one that could have resulted in a double murder, gets the “one fits all” sentence.
    Who dreamt up the SK penal system?
    This guy could be back on the street by the time he is in his mid thirties.
    No wonder all the gangsters and murderers paraded on the TV each night look so happy in court, there is no deterent value in the maximum sentences.

  2. Oh now I get it , the Technical Problem is that you have no one who can write in actual, factual, correct or even grammatical English ……I hope things get better soon JB .

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