Jewish Federation Wants Slovak Justice for War Criminal Csatary

The recently apprehended 97-yr old war criminal László Csatáry, who as chief police officer in Kosice in 1944 oversaw the deportation of thousands of Jews to the Auschwitz concentration camp, could be standing trial in Slovakia.

Many perished in Auschwitz - photo: Pimke

A petition has been launched by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia (UZZNO) requesting the Slovak authorities to demand jurisdiction for overseeing Csatáry’s trial and to impose justice on him. Csatáry was sentenced to death in Czechoslovakia back in 1948, but managed to avoid capture for almost 64 years until last week when caught in Hungary.

At a press conference on the subject, the Federation argued that some older people, especially women, are still alive today and could act as key witnesses. A problem could be Csatary’s extradition or the mysterious disappearance of certain key documents in 1995, after an investigation was launched in Canada, where he was holed up at the time.


  1. ExP …rather lost on that reasoning ? Why should friends and family be held to blame? Aryan Slovakia PAID to send 50000 Jews and other beings to the death camps 1941-44 . QED. should anyone and evryone with Slovak blood be held to blamed for this man ???

  2. 97 years old and running for 64 years! He is either a good hide-and-go-seek player or once he dissapeared everyone though he was untouchable! His family should bear his mistakes and decisions! They should be the ones responsible now…plus anyone assiciated with him should be considered for harboring a known fellon.
    Suppose this will make some people sleep knowing the man in control of all the actions has been brought to justice, however 64 years too late!

    He will be dead before anything happens! This is a fact!

  3. Whilst the desires of the UZZNO are understandable they will not be fulfilled.
    Firstly, the international community wouldn’t let a Slovak court try clothes on let alone a war crimes case.
    Secondly, this guy is 97. he would be dead, buried and forgotten by the time a Slovak court arrived anywhere near a verdict.
    He should be handed over to the the ICC, IWCT or better still the Isrealis and face swift justice.

  4. Yet another paper work mix up!!!! Suppose the new Electronic Age of Documents is still in the far future for Slovakia!

  5. Heck imagine being miserable Slovak and also a vindictive Jew …now there is a reason to jump off Stary Most .

    Remembering the dead is one thing, pure vengeance is another .

    Time to move on bagel guys and just stop chasing old dead ghosts …

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