Judge’s Husband Sends Abusive Letter to Plaintiff Centes

Lubomir Macejka, husband of Constitutional Court head Ivetta Macejkova, is probably having some domestic issues these days after he sent an abusive and angry letter to Jozef Centes, who was elected attorney general but never occupied the seat, which is still vacant.

According to SME daily, the letter sent by Macejkova’s husband to Centes was full of vulgar abuse, as he condemned Centes for his actions in the case concerning President Ivan Gasparovic’s refusal to appoint Centes to the post and his objection to Macejkova’s impartiality in the case. Macejka said Centes had attacked his wife’s and his family’s honour.

Centes, who has been battling for almost two years to occupy the attorney general post that he was duly elected to, has included Macejka’s letter to the case dossier and notes that Macejka should not even have been informed about the content of Centes’ letter, containing an objection to Macejkova’s amicable relations with the president and her overseeing the case.

The Smer-SD government of PM Robert Fico pushed through a fast-track revision last week to the law governing the Constitutional Court, according to which the key case will be returned to the same panel of judges that first ruled over the case, by application of the doctrine of necessity. Even though President Gasparovic hasn’t yet endorsed the revision, Macejkova already assigned the case back to the original judge, who also condemned her actions.


  1. If ever there was table of cut and dried examples of the corrupt practises of the Slovak judiciary this would rank near the top.
    Firstly, what happened to confidentiality? Why is this judge discussing issues with hubby? Legal issues should not become the subject of garden fence chats or pillow talk.
    Secondly, besmirched his wife’s and family honour? Sorry that went out the window when she acted to re-asign the case when the “law” allowing this “dodgy” move hasn’t even gone on the statute book. If she ever had any honour she would have respected the original decision of the constitutional court and refused to have any dealings with this BnM orchestrated farce i.e. upheld the law and the constitution of Slovakia.
    It’s quite clear that she is nothing but a lacky of the corrupt regime – if she had any “honour” she would immediately resign but as we all know, not one public official has ever resigned or been removed from office in this country.
    Anyone with more than two functioning brain cells can see the the “doctrine of necessity” is a universal “we can do what we want, when we want” tool that will be used time and time again to circumvent due process, the law and the constitution.
    Absolute disgrace! Shame on you all for allowing your country to sink to these depths.

    1. “Absolute disgrace! Shame on you all for allowing your country to sink to these depths”

      But what can they do to change it? Is there a higher power to appeal to? Unless EU funds are tied to lowering corruption its more of the same.

  2. Perhaps they should all get together and have a big party and sort this out like sniveling Slowvak men ??

    Blue ear muffs, guns and hunting leatherhosen outfits optional .

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