Kalinak Unable To Apologise to Terrorised Students

Two of the four students who had their car targeted and shot at by Slovak police in June 2013 showed up in parliament today to request an apology from Interior Minister Robert Kalinak and Police Commissioner Tibor Gaspar, only to be met with a show of ignorance second to none.

Too good to apologise? Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (c) Martin Domok - mdpix.sk

After minister Kalinak refused to meet the students who had suffered the terrifying experience, he was caught by journalists leaving the building, accompanied by the two students. Kalinak refused even to look at them, even though they were just two metres away, and when asked if he didn’t want to apologise to them, he said he saw no reason.

No reason to apologise, even though after the harrowing incident the students were then handcuffed and laid down on the motorway, before being subjected to hours of confusing interrogation, much of it in the rain. The young lady student, who was in parliament, even had to strip naked at the side of the road.

No reason to apologise for how the police had acted rashly and could have killed innocent people, no reason despite a police video recording showing the whole incident not being allowed as evidence, and no reason for the recording eventually being accidentally deleted from the camera [correction: they shredded it]. No reason to apologise also to the young man who has been without his driving licence since. Now he has to prove that he had misunderstood the police officers’ instructions at the incident. Pity there is no longer a recording.

The whole time being questioned by reporters, Kalinak refused to look at the students just to his side. It was a stomach-churning moment, when you realise the complete arrogance of certain people in power and the basic lack of decency to apologise to victims for the state’s negligence. Mr Kalinak sets a fine example to society.

Both the students were literally in tears at the minister’s inability to treat them like human beings, saying ‘”it is very very sad what goes on here in Slovakia”. Maybe the Police motto should be extended to write: To Protect and To Serve, but not to respect.


  1. “Police regularly shoot at civilians” Kalinak told parliament “but they did make mistakes in this case.” – So we can all feel safe knowig that it is customary for the police to open fire ith no regard to public safety!
    The “mistake” apparently was that the police “should have known” the car was no longer linked to the fugitive – Now someone help me here because I may have got this wrong. Number plates are issued to the owner of a vehicle, they do not remain on the vehicle when it is sold – correct? The only way the police could have known that this particular car was previously owned by the fugitive would be to check the VIN number – correct? Unless the SVK police have some mystical powers, the only way to check the VIN is to inspect the plate which is located either in th engine compartment or inside the door frame, which would require stopping the car and asking the driver to pop the bonnet or open the door which in turn would the police to confont the driver and passengers face to face – correct? If this had happened the police would have realised that the fugitive was not one of the occupants – correct?
    So my understanding of what happened is that the students happened to be in the same model and colour of car ( it was night time though) as the police were looking for. It’s reasonable to assume therefore that any innocent person who happened to be drving that particular model/colour car could have been or will be shot at – sobbering thought. I’d be interested to know what the SVK police’s rules of engagement are, if they have any!

    1. You are so wrong. Now I see that I judged you too harshly when I said before that you lied. You just didn’t know. You are so stupid and uninformed.

      1. What parliament? Kalinak didn’t say anything to the parliament.
      2. Regarding your “understanding” what happens with the car’s plate number when the car is sold – are you for real? ūüėÄ

      1. Once a stinky, slimy and ignorant Slowvak , always will be one oh Spider ….

        I would like to excuse you,but still let’s keep playing , lets say Mr and Mrs House. You can be the door and I’ll just keep slamming you.

      2. Come on then learned one, please enlighten us stupid foriegners how the police positively indentified this particular car as being previously owned by the fugitive?

        1. Fly Trapper : Slovak media report of Kalinak’s responses to questions from MPs at the Defence and Security Parliamentary Committee ( in Parliament) on 4th April 2014.
          I suggest you read a bit more before posting insults – cretin!

          1. Cretin, you are one stinky liar! You read The Slovak Spectator but there is nothing what Kalinak said about shooting civilians. Kalinak said that when he answered a question from a journalist in a corridor on the way out of the building. I guess journalists are the parlament for you.

            Cretin, the plate number didn’t change.

            Keep posting more rubbish cretin, I enjoy correcting you.

          2. Once a donkey always a donkey eh? Spadler ?

  2. So there’s no point asking Kalinak for an explaination about my experience today. Being a responsible citizen I realised that my “alien resident” permit expired next Monday – 7th April and therefore prepared for my application for a re-newal. I read (twice) the Govt. website in English, got my nearest and dearest to check the details against the Slovak version. She prepared all the relevant documents – phoned the “alien police” twice to confirm that all was in order and so presented myself today at the the local “alien police” HQ. What a sh*thole, located at the back of beyond on some industrial estate, no signage other than in Slovak, your obliged to guess where to go. Arrived at the prescribed office, a Yank and his SVK girlfriend waiting patiently – ” Is this the queue or are you waiting” I asked. “No we’re the only ones here, go straight in” they say. Knock, walk into the office – 4 dolly birds in police garb, the nearest two playing on Facebook. ” I need to re-new my ID” – lots of sighs, glances around the room, definate NFI attitude from all present. I lock onto the nearest Facebook browsers and hand over all the papers the “wife” had prepared.
    1st. apparently, although it may take upto 60 days to issue a replacement, you can’t apply before the current one expires and I should return on the 9th because we’re not open on Tuesday – “why doesn’t it say that on your website?” – blank looks. Also the other documents aren’t acceptable – ” My partner checked twice by phone that they were” – no she didn’t – “Yes, she did!”
    By this time I’d lost it, took the first police bike’s number and informed them that I would be making a formal complaint to both my ambassador and clown Kalinak, which seemed to amuse them all greatly. However, as I strode out of the building fuming, one of the dollies with three stars, do doubt for her special skills, ran after me asking to see my passport again. “Too late, you’ve had your chance or are you going to alter the rules again because I will cause trouble?” – lots of mumbles and an exchange with some fat uniformed lout who couldn’t catch cold, a look of suprise ( Never been spoken to like that I suspect) and I go on my merry way.
    Morale to this – quite clear that not only is Slovakia governed by idiots but they have managed to employ even more idiots in key posts. Selling up, moving out and they can use this dump as a target for nukes!

    1. Oh I had to laugh reading this. Only because I almost lost it with the pure “stupidity” and waiting all day for such a simple task. No number, people not knowing who is next and nothing short of putting me in the nut house.
      All my papers are in order, my mother is a Slovak citizen and yet the Ministri Vnutra with its archaic laws from the MESSY 1993 era have never changed and I have been told by 4 different clowns that work under kalinuts that because I was born between 1949-1969, I had to suffer the fate of udelenie and if I was born on Jan 1, 1970, I would be narodenie — no BS just a quick passport as mama is a Slovak.
      Instead I have to play this BS game of endless paperwork and jerking around.
      I will say it again — SLOVAKIA wake UPPPPPP! You are losing the game.
      The Hungarians got it right in 2012, the Czechs got it right in 2014 — yet SK is somewhere lost in the zone and fools with nice hair are better of running a salon, girlfriend instead of trying to be “international”, cause YOU ain’t.
      Grrrrrr — dread this whole damn ministri and the mess it is.

      1. Matt – Its gets better. My dear one took a day off work yesterday and went to the “alien police” to ask them face to face what documents I need to get a new ID card. The uniformed clowns admitted that the officail website was just dribble and other “advice sites” were incorrect and misleading.
        They explained that by applying three days early for my new card they would have to treat it as an initial application ( post dating things must be a new and baffling concept!) and that I would have to present a library of documents, but if I apply for new card after the original has expired, at any time – months/ years later, then as an EU citizen I would only have to present my old ID, passport, two photos ( not 1, 3 or 4 as on some sites) and 4.95 Euros. Of course this could have been explained on the website or by the officers when I visited the office but with usual logic the staff at the “alien police” don’t speak any “alien” languages or have explanatory notes in say, the three official languages of the EU.

  3. Does no-one care the damage clowns like Kalinak do to Slovakia’s world standing? He needs a taste of the cat,in public, followed by spell in the stocks. The whole “official” story has been a figment. The blatant cover up a disgrace. It’s quite clear that these young people have no chance of ever getting justice here in Neverneverland and I would suggest both the EU Criminal Court and ECHR are the only viable option left to them. I would also suggest a direct petition to the EU parliament on the matter.

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