KDH Nominees Return Golden Handshakes

Following an extraordinary party session, the Christian democrats of KDH have decided that its nominees to railway company ZSSK Pavel Kravec and Pavol Tarcala, who previously held key posts in state companies and received huge golden handshakes, will have to return the money and will also leave the party.

KDH party head Jan Figel announced the departure of the two men from the party, saying that way they could no longer damage the party’s reputation. The party came under fire recently after it was discovered that various KDH nominees had received large severance payments of up to EUR 178,000. “This is an unprecedented gesture” Figel said about the sacrificial lambs, adding that others should take an example from it. He then called on others that had received excessive severance payments to return them.

In response to initial allegations, earlier Figel explained that its nominees had received the large golden handshakes because of the system put in place by the former government led by Robert Fico (2006-2010). Kavec received around EUR 169,000 and Tarcala EUR 107,000, while Marcela Hrda topped the list with EUR 178,000 after being recalled as head of Slovenska Posta (Slovak Post).

Easy money (c) The Daily.sk

The issue has got all parliamentary parties up on their moral high horses, calling for caps to be introduced, and for respective laws to be changed and the bonuses to be published, with Figel proposing to PM Robert Fico for data to extend back ten years.

Ironically, the former head of national electricity grid operator SEPS, Miroslav Rapsik, looks like he is set to reoccupy his former post just two years after he was given a handshake of around EUR 100,000 with the change of power in June 2010. Rapsik won the public selection proceedings that the government announced on the internet, beating 43 others who were bidding for the post, reports SME daily.

So the big bonuses of politically nominated managers could come under greater scrutiny from now on, but as the old saying goes “there is more than one way to skin a cat”.


  1. Political posturing? – Yes. without a doubt, but credit where credit is due, it appears some politicians have got to the page explaining ethics.

  2. Well if any Slovak MP was ever in prison for corruption we might have a result, but we dont do we? ….Ss for taking lessons Slovaks must be the experts, if they can always avoid jail time ?

    BTW . Not sure what the UK has to do on a Slovak news website, reporting on Slovak robbery and theft ? Sure lets look around around the planet at say at America the most corrupt government and country in the world , plenty of pork fat schemes and vote buying there by the pro`s in the Senate. How much of your arm and leg and soul do you have to give, to be elected President and to raise the 40 million for your campaign ??

    Who else can we blame other than the poor Slovaks ???

  3. They must be getting lesson from the UK. Mp in prison for claiming money they were not entitled too and taking rent for houses and flats they were already letting out and hiring family members. The Slovaks learn from the pros.

  4. How they treat them fool ? They only ever get the chance to treat them if some some news reporter makes them part of the days news . Do you think Figel would have willing handed back the huge profit he made on his flat sale , if had not been caught out ?

    I can imagine the KDH meeting, lots of hand wringing, Lard dripping people with threats of …..when we are in power, do you think we will give you another job, think of the party image and don`t worry we will see you alright .

    If there ever are a few black coloured sheep came to Parliament, it would be a result for the Roma or other ethnic minority groups . However Ayran Slovaks seem to have those prime 150 jobs all to themselves, by the way they organise their selection lists.

    1. You are wrong again. There is one Roma is Slovak parlament. His name is Peter Pollak.
      Figel didn’t do anything wrong. But he decided to give his flat to charity anyway.

  5. Black sheep can be in every party. The way the parties deal with them is what makes the difference.

  6. Dont you just love the Roman Catholic KDH and their sudden spat of righteous indignation? This was the party that once held hands with Vlado Mc and partnered the crook, Micky the twitch and feels it is the KDH are the natural, moral leading opposition party, ready for leadership and power in few years,well when Fico is found out not to be Robin Hood .

    Skin a cat …? These two will be paid off, but in a different way you can be sure. No one other than the odd news reporters will remember them in 4 years .

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