KDH refuses to compromise with SaS’ demands

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One of the main concerns when the coalition was forming its thin majority after the June 2010 elections was that the liberal SaS party would not be able to agree with the Christian democrats of KDH on various issues.

These included the decriminalisation of marijuana and acknowledgement of same-sex partnerships, but for the sake of congealing the coalition, the SaS made compromises in these areas. It did not avoid being attacked for this by many who had voted their support for the party for these very reasons.

Even though the issues are still on the table, the KDH looks like it will not budge an inch, as it upholds its conservative attitude. Vice-chairman of KDH, Julius Brocka, announced yesterday that the KDH would not support either of the two proposals of the SaS, not even in return for the SaS’ support regarding the treaty with the Holy See on conscientious objection.

There was a stand-off between the two parties after the elections, and so neither of them got any of these issues included in the government manifesto, while they both quietly hoped that they could push through their proposals over time.

Brocka interpreted the comments of foreign minister Mikulas Dzurinda from the SDKU party as support for his party’s demands. He said he was glad the KDH had an ally in SDKU when it came to finalising the agreement between Slovakia and the Holy See.

Following his trip to the Vatican last week, Dzurinda said that it was maybe now time to discuss it and that he was willing to talk with the SaS about the issue of conscientious objection, which would allow those of the Christian faith to refuse to do certain work on religious grounds (such as doctors carrying out abortions).

Co-founder of the SaS, Martin Poliacik, said his party still holds to its original demands, and would only agree with the issue of conscientious objection if it is endorsed by some kind of employer-employee agreement.

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