Key Witness Targeted in Military Intelligence Machinations

The recent charges against former head of the military intelligence service VSS, Roman Mikulec and his close associate, former VSS lieutenant Katarina Svrcekova, have been condemned as a blatant silencing of the whistleblowers in the case concerning alleged dubious transfers of assets controlled by VSS.

photo: MoD SR

A police raid on Mikulec’s car at the weekend saw him and his alleged fiancée Svrcekova facing charges of leaking confidential information. Former VSS head Mikulec is, in fact, a crucial witness in the whole case, and it was he himself who launched an investigation into the siphoning off of assets from the agency, so the motive behind the charges against him are in question, not to mention well-timed.

Former defence minister Lubomir Galko referred to the move as a clear sign that they are not only silencing whistleblowers, but sending out a warning to anyone else who would dare do the same.

Head of the Freedom and Solidarity party (SaS), Richard Sulik, said the decision to charge the two former intelligence workers, issued by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, was reminiscent of Meciarism (a phrase coined for the crony practices and abuse of power seen under former prime minister Vladimir Meciar). Sulik plans to turn to authorities abroad to investigate the dubious case.

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  1. Perhaps we should start the `Lets sling Slowvakia out of the EU` political movement ……….whoops there I go again, again talking about warm turds .

  2. Galko’s comments should be noted by all Slovaks – there will never be an end to corruption at all levels when people of conscience are targeted rather than the criminals they try to expose. A first year law student could convince a “straight” court that this move is politically driven.
    Sulik needs to get the full support of all the opposition parties, NGOs, International Watchdogs and respected Slovak citizens before going to the International Authorities with this.
    The press and media could finally show some steel and pull the rug from under BnM and the Bandits by making the question of the investigation into corruption in the Intelligence Services the only one that they will discuss – then wait for the usual tirade of insults. Deny the Govt. of their sound bites.
    Ordinary citizens should voice their disgust and concern that the rule of law has all but disappered in this country and demand to know what has happened to their property and money, and keep asking until they get a truthfull, substantiated response.
    Foreign diplomats should get off their well upholstered backsides and start asking questions.
    Meanwhile all the potential evidence has been made into hamster bedding by the late night shredding crew.

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