Kids Aged 9-14 Collecting Signatures for SNS Party

Residents of the town of Michalovce in north-east Slovakia have drawn attention to the fact that the local section of nationalist party SNS has been using children aged 9-14 as canvassers to gather signatures for a petition to make Slovak the only administrative language in the country.

SNS head office (c) The Daily

According to news portal, the children worked from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening, but the SNS headquarters claim no knowledge of such a practice, saying it will be investigated.

Local party member Matúš Nameš also says he has no knowledge of underaged children collecting signatures for the petition entitled “When in Slovakia, speak Slovak”, while it is not permitted for anyone under the age of 16.

Nameš says young people would come to volunteer and that he could not be selective. He admits that he did not ask the children what age they were, though.


  1. Hitler had the school kids shooting guns at the end … why not the SNS using child labour . It is in the blood .

  2. Its seems all to common place in Slovakia, the fact that ages of minor are rarely if ever checked.
    This includes the sale of beer and cigarette. Ones only needs to visit some of the supermarkets on friday evenings to see how Indiscriminately alcohol and cigarettes are sold.
    I have witnessed with my own eyes, teenagers using lunch tickets to purchase power dinks and cigarettes, its unreal, so why would he bother to check the ages of those providing free labour!

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