Kiska Demands Answers of PM Fico Over Emissions Scandal

Presidential candidate Andrej Kiska is putting pressure on his rival in the presidential race, Prime Minister Robert Fico, after the blundering around the list received from Swiss authorities in the emissions scandal from 2008, pointing to politicians and their sponsors.

The list was eventually disclosed yesterday by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, with candidate Kiska demanding some explanations to suspicious circumstances and answers given by the Prime Minister and his right hand man, interior minister Robert Kalinak when queried about the list and the affair.

Kiska, who is Fico’s closest rival in the polls for the March presidential elections, is pressing four basic questions to PM Fico, including why he claimed the rumours of a list were just a ‘bluff’ and that he had not seen any such list.

Another entirely logical question being posed by Kiska is how although Fico and Kalinak both openly declared that although they hadn’t seen the list (they claimed), they still repeatedly assured the public that nobody from their infallible Smer-SD party was involved in the emissions scandal. In addition, the list is only the visible tip of a much deeper and now-melting iceberg.

The third question that Kiska is hoping to have answered is precisely when PM Fico received initial information from the security services about the depth of the affair with Slovakia’s CO2 emission quotas and how he reacted to it.

PM Fico (centre) (c) John Boyd - The Daily.SK

The fourth question is why Prime Minister Fico did not exercise his powers (the scandal took place under his first term in office as PM ) and those of the government and the state to stop the emission scandal from happening.

The list of companies and individuals involved in some way with the Interblue Group company, which was used to siphon off EUR 47 million out of an emissions sale, shows clear links to people from the Slovak National Party (SNS). Current head of the party Andrej Danko came out in defence of the party today, saying that the list actually proves his party did not profit from the sale, but that’s another story.

Mr Kiska, like every other citizen of this corruption-plagued country, has every right to ask these questions and receive answers, but even he is surely not so naive as to expect any real answers, given the incriminating nature of the questions and the rhetorical tact of the respondent. Even so, keeping people themselves asking questions can only be good for the country.


  1. Mmmmm….. Interesting…… My last comment didn’t pass moderation. Presume it was the link to the wikileaks document from the US C d’A?

  2. Mr. Kiska and his quite legitimate questions give me some hope for this country. All we need now is for the rest of the country to wake up and demand answers. Strange, is it not, that the same scandal BnM refused to answer questions about during his last term as PM and included a tiraid of abuse directed at the press, is now a subject he claims to know nothing about. Even if you take the lowest figures quoted of around 50 million, this is not a case of someone running off with the tea fund or Christmas Club money, it is a matter he and his Ministers should be fully aware of and taking action on. As to why this matter is regarded as so trivial and they are playing dumb, ( or is it stupid?), over the affair may well be exposed when the ice-berg finally melts and the full truth is known.

    1. Yes DC, and a very sensible comment to very serious news article …

      I think ????

      Is it not time we lightened up here a bit ? You know ….

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      Ah that`s better .

  3. This Kiska questioning is a bit like the media asking Fico, well son, have you stopped shaggin your Personal Assistant yet ?

    His answer will be one of a glazed look out, of those black Panda eyes, and with utter contempt and righteous indignation, will tell us all no one really cares about his personal life (even his wife ) …

    Then ask if she takes it up the flue pipe ….that should set the ball rolling .

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