Kollar Joins Lipsic to Create New Centre Right Force

The recent breakaway faction from the Freedom and Solidarity party (SaS), which effectively split the party in half some six weeks ago, has now joined forces with its peer, the New Majority party (Nova Vacsina), set up by former interior minister Daniel Lipsic and Jana Zitnanska, after they also split from the Christian democratic party (KDH).

Jozef Kollar SaS (c) The Daily.SK

The announcement of the new merger, which must surely increase their mutual chance of getting into parliament in the next elections, came on Sunday as the new civil association called Liberal Agreement (LIDO) became part of the new alliance, translated literally as New Majority–Agreement.

Lipsic feels that the new political movement will give Slovakia a second chance to take a new direction, believing the new alliance will become a  strong alternative to the currently splintered centre-right and the ruling Smer-SD party. Jozef Kollar, who challenged the leadership of SaS head Richard Sulik and then left to form the new civil association after losing the vote, promises that the future party will promote diversity and uniqueness, while Lipsic underlines the strong economic talent pool that they possess.

Whether or not agreement will be reached on key issues between the distinctly conservative and liberal elements of the new party remains to be seen, because that was something their previous parties were not so able to do, with disputes left and right. Neither Kollar nor Lipsic believes this will be a problem, though, and in fact put it forward as one of their competitive advantages, saying that the diversity of opinion in the new party is what centre-right voters want.

Together the new allies are just one MP short of being able to create their own parliamentary caucus, with talks already going on with a few potential independent candidates in parliament.


  1. So Kollar joins Dipstic ………this is becoming like the Eurovision song contest …all those camp guys and hugo ego`s under one roof ….it will all end in tears of course and no one even remembers the winner .

    1. I usually don’t agree with you, but your post really made my day 😉

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