Kosice Court Decides To Prosecute War Criminal Csatary

Earlier this week the public prosecutor in Kosice accepted the findings in the case of 97 year old Laszlo Csatary, who is up on charges of war crimes for the part he played in the deportation of the Jewish population to concentration camps in 1945.

Many perished in Auschwitz - photo: Pimke

Csatary led a special police unit in Kosice and was responsible for destroying the Jewish ghetto in Kosice in 1944 and for the deportation of thousands of Jews. He was charged with war crimes after the war in 1948 and sentenced to death, but had already fled to Canada, before moving to Hungary in 1997, where he was apprehended in July of this year.

The Slovak courts are hoping Csatary will be extradited to Slovakia to face trial, but the Hungarian authorities have their own plans for now, while authorities on both sides of the border are co-operating closely in the case. The Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia has also called for Csatary to be handed over to Slovakia.



  1. Feel not (FELL) NOB not knob….

    1. All far too easy …….Once a Dic always a Prix eh Neol ?

  2. I don’t understand what is happening here, other than some naff political posturing by both Hungary and Slovakia. The man was tried and convicted but subsequently “escaped” so surely that verdict still stands and all that needs to be done is to hand him over to the successor authorities of the former Czechoslovakia and lock him up. Putting him on trial again seems superflous to me and could be potentially embarrassing to all the states concerned. He may spill the beans on how he was able to just walk away from a death sentence and how, despite the close controls on the movement of people under the communist regime, he was able to settle in Hungary with no questions asked. What is more probable is that he will die in custody before anything ever gets to a court.
    Will justice be served by locking him up at his age – an emphatic yes, there can never be any mercy shown to war criminals.

  3. General Mouth!
    97 years old…so what, still should be prosecuted! His family should bear the burden of his actions!

    He lead a full life and it doesn’t make sense to waste money on this, but….. it is what needs to happen to close so many unanswered questions of the Jewish community!
    Perhaps a public hanging, or gassing with all TV stations tuned! Maybe not humane in today’s society, but why? He sent THOUSANDS to concentrations camps, never to be seen again! It could be a great reality TV Spot for your favorite Slovak Enterprise Marketers!

  4. This is embarrassing . The man is 97 years old for God Sake !

    Lets have all the Jewish Soldiers that have murdered Palestinian people brought to Slowvakia .

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