Kosice gets EUR 60 million for European culture capital and also a new road

The Slovak government recently confirmed the sum of EUR 60 million for the City of Kosice to develop cultural infrastructure as part of the project European Capital of Culture.

Kosice Mayor, Frantisek Knapik, welcomed the news, saying there is no room for hesitation in the use of approved funding as the deadlines for European Capital of Culture projects have to be implemented by 2013. The project will be of huge benefit not just for Kosice, but for the region as a whole, feels the mayor.

The construction of the dual carriageway R-4 Košice – Milhošť will begin soon; it should be at the end of August. In the coming weeks, when the state budget numbers for next year will be known, the ministry and the government will deal also with the construction of highway links between D1, R4, and R2 roads, the construction of which belongs among the priorities of the government, Figeľ emphasised. The highway from Košice will continue in the direction to
Michalovce and Slovak-Ukraine border.

Transport minister Jan Figel has also announced that construction of the 15 km stretch of dual carriageway from Kosice to Milhost in the south near Hungary will begin by the end of August. “This investment has been discussed for some time already, and a call for tenders was made recently” said Figel.  The costs of the road project are projected at EUR 77.69 million and it is expected to be finished by the end of 2012. The contractor is the company Skanska SK.

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