Košice: Programme as Europe’s Capital of Culture

It may be the end of the summer holidays already, but the Capital of Culture programmes in Košice continue. The four remaining months that the city will hold the prestigious title offer a wide variety of exciting events for the public.

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Running in the city

There are actually two upcoming events connected to running in the city. First, there will be the Košice Night Run on 6th September. After the cultural programmes near the shopping mall Aupark, the running will start at 8PM and will finish at 10PM. Second, Košice will hold the oldest marathon run in Europe, the Košice Peace Marathon, exactly one month after the Košice Night Run. The Košice Peace Marathon attracts runners worldwide with its history and 42 km track each year. The event also offers a Half marathon (21km) and a Mini marathon (4,2km) for those who find shorter tracks more suitable. Interesting feature of both events is that anyone can register to participate – even children, mothers with baby carriages, or people with wheelchairs. The invitation is for everybody.

(c) Kosice-Turizmus

Nuit Blanche

This extraordinary event is created to charm anyone who decides to experience it. Basically it is an outdoor exhibition taking place in the city centre at night, filled with light installations in each of its stations. The light installations are the work of Slovak and foreign artists. The installations have different forms, for example hundreds of illuminating plastic spoons stabbed into the ground, or a group of room lights with different colours and styles, from different ages. The light installations are accompanied with suitable music. Those who are interested in this exhibition can see it the night before the Košice Peace Marathon, on 5th October from 7PM to 2AM.


There will be several cultural festivals welcoming guests in the next few months. Beginning with September, there will be the Design and Fashion Week from 2nd to 8th, the Festival of Theatres from 4th to 8th, and the Vine Festival from 12th to 14th. The festivals in October will carry the spirit of dance and music; the Modern Dance Days festival will be welcoming visitors from 24th to 27th October, and the International Jazz festival will also be held in October. Those interested in sacred arts will be delighted visiting the Festival of Sacred Arts between 10th and 24th November. Finally, the city will finish the year with the annual Košice Christmas beginning with 5th December and the Closing Ceremony on 13th December.

See further details and programmes on the page www.visitkosice.eu.

Source: visitkosice


  1. How do you get there? Who the hell would want to go out of their way to go clear over there? Bratislava is sufficiently ugly and lacking enough. Plenty to see westbound though.

  2. Other scheduled activities not listed here include guided tours of the mini Berlin walls of Kosice and a special performance of the Batley Townswomens Guild, world famous for their re-enactment of the Attack on Pearl Harbour, who will be presenting a new piece entitled The Police Raid on Moldava nad Bodvou. The long running festival of pavement art continues in Presov with daily performances of ” Litter bins are for fairies” and the competion for the most esthetic pool of urine or vomit, all sponsored by the local all night fast food shops and bars. The local courts are presenting a full daily program of Brian Rix farces and the Mess AKA Police are continuing their ever popular brand of street comedy. Bad news for literure fans is that the planned signing of the new, 24th Volume of Slovak Lame Excuses has had to cancelled because the author has been abducted by aliens.

  3. I would go but way toooo farrrrrr

  4. Well Wizzzzzz Air will be starting Tuesday and Saturday service soon from Jolly Old London!! But yes the need to finish the highway from god forsaken Bratislava to Kosice is a long enduring dream of the masses.

  5. Yes all very nice, but other than a 4 to 6 hour by train or by car drive, how the heck do you get there other than land at one of Ryanair`s many non airports ??

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