Kosice Tears Down Block of Flats in Lunik IX

Yesterday the City of Kosice razed a building to the ground that was home to Roma families in the now famous Lunik IX housing scheme, reports TASR newswire.

Many Roma live on the edge of society, Lunik IX (c) Lester Kovac

The block of flats was already in a dangerously damaged condition and had been emptied over two weeks ago, so there were no emotional scenes of evicted inhabitants as the bulldozers moved in.

The eight families that were living there officially and had been paying their dues were housed in alternative accommodation. Some ousted residents have set up camp at a nearby river, but local authorities warn that this will also be eliminated.


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  1. See, we could have people of Lunik IX at the Happy Migrant Lunch . ie the best way to overcome stereotypes, by the swapping life stories and become acquainted with each other, to learn more about each other’s culture, customs, cuisine, and obtain some interesting experience, or to make new acquaintances.

    Mr Migrant you live a 200,000 euro flat, drive a BMW and eat three meals a day we live in now, a Shed by the river, soon to be eliminated and scour the bins for food.

    Kinda puts life into perspective in Good Old, caring, everyone has equal opportunity Slowvakia .

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