Krajcer has master plan for STV

photo credit (c) John Boyd - The Daily

Culture minister Daniel Krajcer believes he has come up with a master plan to help the cash-strapped public TV broadcaster Slovak Television (STV).

He will not divulge the plan, though, until he discusses it with his coalition partners and competent experts. He expects to present the plan next Tuesday, 12 October. Considering Krajcer’s statements of late, we can expect to see the structure of funding change substantially for the TV channel, which has been operating for 54 years now.

This year STV projects a loss of EUR 17 million, which would have been much higher had it not received EUR 12.5 million subsidy for programme production from the state. Just what kind of subsidy, if any, can be expected remains to be seen. Now it also looks like its sports channel STV3 is set for the chop.


  1. well, at least the government is trying to abolish compulsory TV and radio license fees, which is fair to people like you. Most probably, though, these public institutions will be funded directly by the government. The aim is to make sure they are self-sufficient and running ‘like a normal business’, and so far the government has not approved the subsidy requested by the STV Council. All should be revealed next Tuesday.

  2. I don’t have a TV in the house even though i must pay for the ‘public service’. i say let STV fall! If they cannot run like a normal business why should the public bail them out?

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