Krajcer: Insurance To Cover Damages at Krasna Horka Castle

The damage done to Krasna Horka Castle at the weekend by a raging fire should be covered by the state’s insurance policy for the protection of national monuments, culture minister Daniel Krajcer has announced.

Culture minister Daniel Krajcer (c) The Daily

The fire destroyed mostly the roofs and beams of the castle, especially the Gothic palace wing, but thankfully left most of the interiors and over 90% of the exhibits in tact. The indemnity limit on the policy is EUR 11.6 million, which should be ample to cover the repair and reconstruction of the destroyed castle.

Krasna Horka Castle in flames

Most of the artefacts and museum exhibits at the castle have been relocated so that reconstruction work can begin as soon as possible. Minister Krajcer is confident the castle will be reopen to the public as early as September this year.

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