Krajcer to use unemployed to renovate castles

Culture minister Daniel Krajcer announced a plan on Monday to get the long-term unemployed back in action to help renovate castles and other monuments in Slovakia.

Culture minister Daniel Krajcer (c) The Daily

The Ministry will be working on the scheme together with the labour affairs office UPSVaR, and already in May as part if the pilot phase will target Saris Castle and Uhrovec Castle. The results will then be analysed before other neglected castles are included in the scheme, probably next year.

Krajcer sees the benefits of the scheme in reducing unemployment, teaching the unemployed participants new skills, while also believing that the renovated castles will boost tourism.

The Ministry will put up EUR 100,000 to begin, and the UPSVaR would also transferring certain funds from other less efficient projects.

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  1. After the castles are all renovated, Krajcer will teach the once-again-unemployed workers to become glaziers. Then, many windows will be smashed, providing a big boost to glaziers, and help to revitalize the old sand mining industry.

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