Kvorka from Smer-SD in court over jealousy beating

Former MP and current regional head of the Martin section of Smer-SD party, Ján Kvorka, will have to defend himself in court for an alleged jealousy attack on a 17-yr old Roma youth.

The case investigator lodged the lawsuit petition against Kvorka on Tuesday, making him the first of the former government of Robert Fico to go up in court. A slight irony there maybe.

Following the investigation, the case investigator sent the case dossier to the public prosecutor with the recommendation to press for charges. Kvorka is accused of abducting and beating up Roma youth Jan Lacko (now 21) together with two other men.

The incident happened in April 2006, but in 2009 Kvorka was protected from prosecution as the Robert Fico government at the time refused to strip him of his immunity. The incident was allegedly over a 17-yr old Roma girl, with whom Kvorka (51 at the time) was said to be having intimate relations.

It is now up to the public prosecutor to decide whether to proceed with the case or not, which could see Kvorka put behind bars for between 6 and 36 months.

Following the announcement, opposition party Smer-SD leader Robert Fico stood on the side of Kvorka, questioning who is the aggrieved party in the case and saying “maybe the Slovak public will say in the end that Kvorka did the right thing”.

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