Labour minister Mihal wants to use unemployed for flood aftermath

In a kind of ‘Thatcherite’ flash of inspiration, labour minister Jozef Mihal has come up with the idea of getting the unemployed to help clear up the aftermath of the floods, whereby they could do it for a minimum wage.

If it were to happen, the state would actually get more money back in social contributions from the ‘workers’ that the project would cost. “The unemployed would have had to be registered as unemployed for at least three months,” said ministry spokeswoman, Andrea Devanova.

The government plans to discuss the motion later today, 18 August, and decide on the plan to get the unemployed ‘on their bikes’ for a net wage of EUR 266 a month. If accepted, the plan would be put into action from 1 October and preoccupy some 5,000 people with the six-month placement work programme of clearing rivers, building anti-flood protection and reconstructing roads, among other things.

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