Labour Minister Undergoes Surgery After Car Crash

Labour minister Jan Richter had to undergo surgery at Ruzinov hospital last night after his car went off the road into a field, injuring his back and also his bodyguard driver.

illustrative photo

According to TA3 news channel, the minister is fine and conscious, with no complications. Prime minister Robert Fico went to visit the minister at the hospital.


  1. I just love the speculation as to what caused the crash – mechanical malfunction of the vehicle, bird strike, a sudden shift in the magnetic pole, interdimensional portal etc.
    Idiot driving too fast for the road conditions lost control, no other reason. Thank God that they didn’t wipe out some innocent road users in the process.
    Despite his stupidity the driver should be commended as he did not follow the usual SVK tradition and hit the only tree/ telegraph pole in the area.

    1. He he he ….and the TV is there with the camera, to record the pickup truck recovery .

      1. Yes, JOJ are starting to give ambulance chasing litigation lawyers a good name!

  2. He’s already demonstrated he was dead from the neck up, looks like he may of injured the only other functioning lower parts of his anatomy!

  3. It appears in was his spine that was injured in the crash ? Surprised they found any backbone in this twat at all .

  4. Just after paramedics have arrived on the place of accident, the minister was confused and talking without sense. We imediatelly discovered he is fine.

  5. This is the minister who returned the discredited and inefficient Dušan Muňko to be head of Social Insurance instead of Ľuboš Lopatka. About 15 office chiefs dismissed by Lopatka were reinstated by Minister Richter. Evidently Lopatka felt obliged to resign with some dignity after this ministerial interference.

    I’m assuming he hasn’t been injured anywhere his conscience might be as that part of him is even more redundant than his appendix.

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