Language Act should be amended says Chmel

The controversial Language Act, which was amended last year, angering the ethnic-Hungarian minority, should be revised once again, said Deputy PM for Minorities, Rudolf Chmel (Most-Hid).

The revisions will target sections regarding sanctions and supervision, and also those areas that hinder freedom of speech, the right to privacy, copyright, among others.

The deputy PM also drew attention to how the Language Act should be more balanced against another related law – the Act on Use of Minority Languages. Chmel feels that these two pieces of legislation should ensure equality among all Slovak citizens, taking special consideration of those people who live in ethnically-mixed areas.

The Language Act, in force from September 2009, assigned supervision over the proper use of the Slovak language in official communication to the Ministry of Culture, and re-introduced sanctions of up to EUR 5,000 for breach of language rules.

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