Largest Job Fair in Slovakia This Week

If you are looking for a job or thinking of changing one, you could pop along to the Incheba exhibition centre in Bratislava this week, as it will be the venue for the largest job fair in the country from 20-21 February.

The event is organised by job portal and will include around 80 different companies looking to recruit thousands of aspiring employees either directly or for their clients. As usual, the job fair will be accompanied by various lectures and consulting workshops.


  1. @george
    Yes. Slovak blood. Love the beauty of this country and see potential. No country is perfect. I’ve lived in many to know that. Many issues I don’t understand and would love to keep on learning. Don’t think you are the only one with frustrations or being ripped off. I have been as well.
    But saying that other countries have reared their ugly heads of corruption and I am cautious in dealings everywhere now. Learn from bring screwed over. It’s the only lesson we can take from such experiences so it doesn’t happen again. Life is too short to be jaded and bitter. Like many places I have lived. If you don’t like it you should leave. I’ll watch my back in the meantime and celebrate my victories here and get over my losses.

    1. Say mat, may I call you that? …someone does actually has the name of Door …..Door Plantenga – MD of Heineken !

      BTW Bitter, twisted never ….just one huge unexpected disappointment son.

  2. Whilst trolling around the web, I came across the startling event and wondered why this did not get more promotion …? – Bratislava Connect is providing resources for English speaking Business Professionals living in, visiting, or interested in Bratislava and Slovakia. This is taking place at the Kempinski Hotel River Park, Dvořákovo nábrežie 6, Bratislava

    This is an In-depth Discussions with the Leaders Who are Defining the Future”. Moderated by newspaper columnist, author, lecturer, and one of Europe’s most respected senior executive coaches and authorities on leadership, the one and only Pepper de Callier. The topic for this inaugural event will be “Leadership in the 21st Century”.

    Anyhow` reading the rest of the bla, bla, bla, bla, etc, etc…Pepper de Callier addresses these questions to a distinguished and highly respected panel of leaders in Slovakia. Pepper will be joined by Door Plantenga – MD of Heineken SK, Peter Virsik – MD Adidas CEE, Andrej Kiska – Founder Dobry Anjel, all proven leaders with a depth of experience and insights to share in what is sure to be a highly interactive, thought-provoking evening and a rare opportunity…….

    Wow !!!

    18.30 the discussion starts moderated by Pepper de Callier . 20.00 – 23.00 there is a Dinner and …….. Open Networking ? What is that, chat over a beer

    All for the popular Price of …..EUR 99,– incl. VAT ????

    What was it Barnum said about Born-Suckers-Minute ????

  3. Wages in SR do not match up with the cost of living. While SR is cheaper than other EU countries,
    I believe it still does not give hope to workers looking for extra pocket change after
    paying overpriced rent in Blava. Other countries wages are much higher but so are the tax rates.
    Back to buying lotto tix?

    1. Mat, can I call you that ….?

      A truly enlightening tale of Slowvak woe and I am sure the website reading audience of at least 20 people are fixed to their PC, Laptops, Tablets and iPhone`s awaiting your next wonderful decisive analysis and cutting sermon .

      Do you have any Slowvak blood in you, BTW ?

  4. Yes jobs sections divided by the earning less than 600euro pcm, less than 900euro pcm, and those that are card carrying job created Smer party …..

    As I have quiet ,I may pop along to this event …always good have more ammo to lob at the `I Lov Slowvakia` groupies .

    1. I might be wrong, but I’m guessing you’re from the United Kingdom judging by the relentless complaining you do. No suggestions or solutions, just complaining.

      1. With an inventive name AKA of Blava and your actually judging me ? I could be from the planet YOB for all I care ….

        I provided good, salaried staff employment here in Slovakia …the little buggers just robbed me, even down to rolls of toilet paper ….excuse me if I complain ….BTW Bla-Bla , your own enlightening suggestions to improve Slowvaks and Slowvakia is what ….mmmmmmmmm?

        1. Aha. As I suspected, another bitter to the core Brit. Have fun with being perpetually unhappy; you appear a dab hand at it.

          1. Tisk Aha. As I also suspected. Another vacuum between the ears, plank, ready to be skewered on his own dimwit stupidity .

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