Leaked ‘Mafia’ List Not From Police, Says Commissioner

A 10-page list of over 300 names of speculative characters that Slovaks like to refer to as Mafiosos has been leaked from police records and includes various lawyers, former police officers and entrepreneurs.

Police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak

The list of those allegedly involved in organised crime includes also their addresses and photographs. Speaking to daily Novy Cas, one well-known businessman Marian Kocner said he fears for his life because of his inclusion in the list, especially as he is now classed to a different group than the one he was classed to in a previously leaked list.

Police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak is denying that the latest list was compiled by the police, but it supposedly includes also many of the same photographs that are used on ID cards in Slovakia, something that only the police have access to. Spisiak admits that this does seem to be the case, while saying he is not aware of any list being ordered or compiled in the police since he took up the post.

If it is shown that the list did in fact come from police circles, those included in the list could try to sue the police force for false accusation or damaged reputation. These kinds of lists are generally not entirely reliable, though, often being based on assumptions, like the one recently publicised by MP Igor Matovic concerning crony politics, and so always should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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