LGBT Community Launches Advice Line

Members of the LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) now have their own confidential Help line, after the new service was launched today by Queer Leaders Forum, reports SITA newswire.

Gay rights parade in Bratislava (c) The

In the beginning the anonymous advice line should be available every Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 10 pm, and on Fridays between 12 and 2 pm. The times will be extended if demand requires. The helpline number is 0944 088 920.



  1. Does the empty Blob suddenly appearing , mean no more comments ?

    BTW, what does the grey block at the end of the Blobs comment signify ?

  2. Evidently, homophobia can be added to George’s list of bugaboos and insults people who have a serious problem with their identity.

    I have a relatively conservative approach to gay issues (civil partnerships, yes, marriage, no; that community is disproportionately promiscuous and inclined to fetishistic acts compared with the ‘standard’ part of the human sexuality spectrum etc, but I recognize there are many troubled, doubting youngsters who need some guidance and as long as the helpers are not proselytising, I can see no real objection.

    I’m assuming in a strait-laced, Catholic Church dominated society, some vulnerable younger gays and lesbians would welcome confidential free advice.

    As for 0908 numbers, I defer to the putative expert on this forum.

    1. Homophobia , wow david did we get a new world dictionary for our birthday this year, or did flying all those planes in the past, finally get your brain to be all sucked out????

      Huh, and well excuse me ?? `Civil partnerships, yes, marriage, no`… is actually bigotry …. and for someone like you , and in your own words, who believes that the gay community is disproportionately promiscuous and inclined to fetishistic acts compared with the ‘standard’ part of the human sexuality spectrum etc ……. is not only miss representing the truth , it also displays prejudice of the high order .

      By calling me homophobic, is utterly Brass Necked …….perhaps you`re one of those conservative types, that believes Gay people need doctors help and can be cured ……….

      My point was, why do Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals even need a help line at all ???? Now I can see why, because of morons like you that believe these people are just troubled, doubting youngsters who need some guidance perhaps from the RC church ………on the way back to being normal human beings . Perhaps they should all become Priests , eh ?

      1. not worth debating as your remarks are either ad hominem, or distortions of what I wrote etc.
        Apparently I think ‘gay people can be cured. or need doctors
        or guidance from RC Church. Nowehere did I suggest that or insinuate that.
        If you can’t react to views without distorting them like that, stay in your wank chariot.

        1. People exposed as Bigots such as you david , never want to debate, as they just want head-sand-bury , to tell people how they should live, what they should think, what they should even say, on the way back to being normal human beings . …..even me on my `wank chariot`.

          You claim to be a Liberal Conservative, but in fact your comments prove you are as closed minded and terrified, as the very strait-laced, Slovak Catholic Church dominated society, that wants to claim Gays etc are misguided, vulnerable and can be cured by a doctor or by some God .

          Perhaps you should re read your own comments again , then again, as most even minded people will see, there is no distorting of your views,as you painting your own picture you fool . Me, I was just exposing your inbred, right wing and institutional bigotry and prejudice towards this group of people.

          1. David

            Ignore the troll.
            He’ll distort your views and read his own puerile crap into what you write
            as he has done above.
            He’s the one who can’t debate (you need an intellect for a start).
            God only knows what he does in Bratislava.
            Native speaker, can stand unaided, wow….do you think he teaches English?
            Or some IT anorak?
            Let’s have a small competition…!

  3. Not sure where you are stepping david , but obviously not in my direction .

    Why do members of the LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) now need to have their own confidential Help line??

    Does Slovakia not have a 09080 premium number system, so these types can have their personal telephone jollies ?

  4. Not ‘unfathomable’ if there is lack of financing.
    At least give some credit for a modest step forward.

  5. How novel…. a help line with odd and unfathomable opening hours, like most of the non Shopping Centre Shops in Slovakia !

    …..and totally anonymous, as long as VOS are not wire tapping you ….

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