Lightning Tragedy In Dubravka

Two people were struck by lightning on Friday 2 July as they relaxed by a pool.

Reports say a 61 year old man and a 53 year old woman were at the swimming pool Rosnička in Dubravka when the incident happened. Both were rendered unconscious it seems, and the woman was pronounced dead in Kramare hospital after paramedics battled in vain for over an hour to resuscitate her. The man has since stabilised.

According to reports, both victims were under trees as the bolt struck just before 5pm on Friday, one may have been using a mobile phone at the time.

Both victims are believed to have been staying under trees, with one of them using a cellphone according to eyewitnesses.

Vladimir Pečenak, the swimming pool’s head of operations apparently stated the couple did not listen to his warnings about standing under trees shortly after the storm began.

The pool is to review its safety procedures.

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