Lipsic Compares DNV Shooting and Breivik Massacre

Interior minister Danile Lipsic has made a tasteless comparison on how the Slovak police dealt with the Devinska Nova Ves shooting better than the Norwegians dealt with the recent Breivik attack.

Interior minister Daniel Lipsic (c) The Daily

Lipsic made the comments on while visiting the borough of Devinska Nova Ves yesterday on the first anniversary of the shootings when crazed gunman Lubomir Harman shot 7 people dead and injured 15 more.

Lipsic claimed that the police intervention in Slovakia was carried out more professionally and swifter than the one in Norway, as killer Harman was already surrounded by local patrol officers within just a few minutes of the first report of shots.  This means he did not have a chance to leave the street he lived in. He was eventually shot by the police before turning the gun on himself.

Harman killed 7 people, 6 of whom were linked to his Roma neighbours, which led to speculations that his shooting spree was racially motivated. Since the shooting some graffiti has appeared at the site of the shooting, sadly praising and thanking Harman for his actions.

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