Lipsic Has Aspirations To Be KDH Chairman

KDH - Daniel Lipsic, Jan Figel, Pavol Hrusovsky (c) The Daily

Outgoing interior minister Daniel Lipsic has announced that he might candidate as head of the Christian democratic party KDH, especially considering how he just pipped current party head Jan Figel in the preferential voting in Saturday’s elections (Lipsic: 104,635, Figel: 104,002).

Even though the KDH party came out of the elections top of the centre-right parties with 8.8%, Lipsic still feels that the party could have reaped more unhappy voters from the other parties. Current vice-chairman of the party Lipsic is still not 100% decided to contest the party leadership, though.

The leading figures of the SDKU party all backed down after the disastrous elections results (6.1%), with chairman Mikulas Dzurinda and vice-chairman Ivan Miklos both declining to run for the party posts, paving the way most likely for Lucia Zitnanska to head the party.

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