Lipsic Threatens Penta’s Privatbanka with Loss of Licence

Daniel Lipsic (c) The Daily

Outgoing interior minister Daniel Lipsic is not giving up on his crusade against Privatbanka of financial group Penta, and is now saying the bank could lose its license if the allegations of dubious transactions prove to be true.

Today Lipsic pointed again to two reporting obligations that the bank had allegedly not discharged of concerning suspect transfers in the range of EUR 7 million (EUR 4 and EUR 3 million). One of transfers, from a bank in Malta, is claimed by SME daily to have ended up in December 2011 in the account of entrepreneur Marian Kocner, who popped up before the elections with claims that harmed certain parties. Videos of him talking in his house with head of the SaS party were released just in time to create the Sasanka affair, which damaged the SaS head and his party.

Lipsic also pointed an accusing finger at the Attorney General’s Office, which he claims was a bit overzealous in dealing with Privatbanka’s counter complaint against Lipsic filed just last week, as the AG’s Office had, rather unusually, requested a copy of all documents and inspection reports on the case from the Anti-Organised Crime Office.

Lipsic says something stinks here and that he will consider filing a petition with the National Bank of Slovakia to suspend or revoke Privatbanka’s licence, as two dubious cases have already been uncovered.


  1. Pissssssst . Dipstick is now a nobody …Ass***** or little pri*** and not in power, cannot file a petition with the National Bank of Slovakia that anyone will take notice.

  2. Benta’s, sorry, Penta’s name in the frame, again! No smoke without fire and all that! I read a Spectator interview from 2001 in which they admitted to operating “just inside the law” and that ethics and morals played no role in their decisions or actions and that they would do whatever to make money. Enough said!
    It appears that they have some hold over the AGs office, an institution more famous for its “all stop or dead slow” approach, who are jumping through hoops like a dog pleasing it’s master.
    It is interesting to note that Penta is based in Cyprus which has the poorest financial regulations and controls in Europe, a high level of police and government corruption and no extradition treaties with anyone. Of course they could be based there for the sun and uzo!

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