Lispic claims new findings in Valko murder case

photo (c) The Daily

On the weekly TV Markiza political discussion programme ‘Na telo’, interior minister Daniel Lipsic claimed that the Ministry of Interior and the police had made some headway investigating the murder of prominent lawyer Ernest Valko.

Lipsic said the ministry had new crucial information regarding the case, but refused to disclose any details so as to protect the murder investigation, while pleading with the public and the media to accept and understand this.

Valko was shot at his home in the village of Limbach on 8 November 2010 in an obvious contract killing, possibly linked to one of the ‘big-money’ cases he was involved in. Since then the police and the Ministry of Interior have been subject to criticism for not having progressed in the investigation, which has still not produced any conclusive results or motives.

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