Lunch Menu Review: All Stars, Sedlarska ulica

If you are looking for a safe lunch bet try Sedlárska street,  you might be pleasantly surprised. Today my compatriot and I pondered the boards outside The Irish, The Mexicano and the not-quite Hooters sports bar, which we opted for in the end.

All Stars bar, Bratislava (c) The Daily

All Stars got some bad publicity during the hockey championships with many regular ex-pats and locals alike grieving about the huge hike in prices, but it is a good bar and the staff are friendly. Today we decided to bask in the sunshine and partake of two bowls of soup, roast chicken breast with ham and cheese in a natural sauce and two 0.33l bazants for a mere €3.90 set price. Good value.

First to the table were our beers followed in close succession by our soups and last but not least the main event. Service on steroids is all I can say, which most people with their short lunch break will well appreciate. We murdered the soups, which were a mad mush of assorted veggies and hammy lumps and shavings, very tasty.

As our beer began to boil and bubble we were presented with our main courses. So the main event, hmmmmm, rice is rice, dull and boring unless served with a nice sauce with a meal like this. The  natural sauce was basically stock and flour, so it was pretty boring. The chicken was stringy, the ham was a slice of thin sandwich ham from a packet draped over the chicken breast and a dusting of cheese. Given the lunches we had there before, which were very good, this was not up to the usual standard.

The menu did look good: soup, a main course and a small beer for €3.90. I recommend keeping up the rapid service, serving the beer with the main course. Maybe the cook could work on the sauce, though. We like your pub, we really do, the ambience, and the generally cheery staff.

Will we return? Yes, overall good value for money. A touch more flavour wouldn’t go amiss, though.


  1. I think everyone except you got the message George

    1. This is an excellent time for you to become a missing person Alec.
      So now we know why some mammals eat their children…

  2. Essex is nice at this time of the year

    1. Essex is nice ?? Sure, I’d love to help you out…now, which way did you come in Alec… Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina even Tennessee has its lovers I guess …?

  3. Bit lost here now John . Is it now your job to raise their bar ? Should the establishment not be doing that for themselves ? It is as Stefan claims, they just don’t care if you come back . This has been my point on many matters I find adherent in Slovakia , lack of Civic Pride, Food Quality, Customer Service and people just cannot even be bothered. What good did you actually say about Hooters sports bar BTW? The waitress had big tits and was perhaps drunk ( cheery ) from the boiling beer ? …so well, better luck next time eh ? Good & Bad review , sounds like a normal Slovak corruption whitewash …..GeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ !

    1. no comment George

  4. Stefan,

    I have to agree , this was not a critical restaurant review, but again an apology for crap Slovak presented food, whilst bum licking the restaurant for some reason . Trying to get an Advert were we lads ??….

    “”If you are looking for a safe lunch bet try Sedlárska street”” says the reviewer only then go on to complain about warm beer , dull rice , terrible roux sauce …oh and a yummy main course where the chicken was described as stringy, the ham was a slice of thin sandwich ham from a packet draped over the aged chicken breast and a dusting of cheese !!!!

    Positive points …the ambience ( whatever that means ) , and the generally cheery staff. ( a real positive in Bratislava ! )

    Being honest with your readers and not treating then as culinary morons sureley comes first , before any adverts ?

    1. Ok George, only this once :-),
      Ambience or Ambiance, it can be spelled either way: the atmosphere of a place, The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment or surroundings .
      Next time use a dictionary Ok.

      1. Use a dictionary eh ? You also claim a place has some ”ambiance” that has already ripped off customers by huge beer price hikes during a Hockey Championship ???

        More to the point , why is it your total obsession and that in all walks of life, you have this insidious obsession with exalting total Slovak losers ???

    2. No George, no attempt at getting advertising, the channel for that is different. Noel just tries to give readers his comments on the good and the bad. This is a good bar and I have recommended it personally to people also for lunch menus. All too often, though, not enough attention is given to flavour. Someone said to me about the article “What do you expect for EUR 4” as if we just have to accept whatever is put in front of us. I take this as that general acceptance here that if it is cheap, then it has to be bad. I don’t agree, though, because flavour doesn’t cost anything.

  5. We like your pub, we really do, the ambience, and the generally cheery staff.??

    Ok you made a few mistakes in the past, but you’re nearly there. Will we return? Yes, but please get it right and remember consistence is key.??

    I would question firstly! who made you the expert judge on our food and service? and Secondly do you consider with 500, 000 inhabitants they will care about your return?? I Think not!

    George M’s comment! Did you complain, if you intend to go back ? I bet not…

    I would say more like!! we are writing an article about the place and its going on the world renowned ‘Daily’ any chance of a free dinner?? blackmail, blackmail!

    But you had to pay! or the add would have been as sweet as gold :-)))

    or Maybe the oldest trick in the book works in BA…

    1. Fortunately, we don’t employ that kind of policy Stefan, but thanks for the comment. We don’t tell the owners we are doing a review or ask for any special treatment. It would defeat the point.

  6. Its called a review George, ya plank 🙂 again if you read piece you would see the food is normally quite good there. Also when I review a place I tend to eat there more than once before I write.
    Tip for ya, never send food back!

  7. Ever the optimist Moel. If I ever get a bad meal from any establishment, I either complain, or just ban the place in my mind never to eat there again. Lif is too short to eat at a bad restaurant .

    Did you complain, if you intend to go back ? I bet not ….QED , the same slop, will be dished up forever …still what did you expect for 3.90 ? Working on the Ryanair service model ?

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