Luxury villa for PM cost EUR 4 million to reconstruct

Robert Fico

Information has come to light about a costly reconstruction that was intended as a luxury residence for the Prime Minister.

Former PM Robert Fico denies any knowledge of the building that the state-run company Sprava sluzieb diplomatickeho zboru (Diplomatic Corps Service Management) has been reconstructing near Bratislava Castle, which is questionable as the Supervisory Board that approved it was led by his party colleague and foreign affairs minister Miroslav Lajcik (Smer-DS). Furthermore, the documents clearly show that it was the head of Fico’s office, Igor Federic, who communicated with the company about the matter. He wasn’t available for comment.

The costs of reconstruction were originally set at EUR 2 million, which in itself is a fair sum of money, but the final bill was raised to EUR 4 million through addenda to the contract. The company falls under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign affairs minister Mikulas Dzurinda dismissed the whole of the company’s executive board yesterday, 5 August, as it was they who gave the thumbs up to the project. Dzurinda has also ordered a financial audit of the company. PM Iveta Radicova called it sheer impudence, adding “Don’t tell me it even as a joke, because it is bad even as a joke”.

The tender for the reconstruction work was won by the company Euro Real, which was successful thanks to the disqualification of the other two companies in the tender. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs still does not know what to do with the buildimg, which among other things is equipped with a full fitness gym, a sauna, Jacuzzi, and a 4x12m swimming with tide simulation equipment.

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