M.R. Stefanik Remembrance Tomorrow

A commemorative service will be held tomorrow at the birthplace of Milan Rastislav Stefanik on the 131st anniversary of his birth, with the attendance of defence minister Lubomir Galko and other dignitaries.

M.R. Stefanik Memorial, Bradlo

The ceremony, organised by the Slovak National Museum, will be held at the M.R. Stefanik Museum in the village of Kosariska before moving on to the Stefanik Memorial in Bradlo.

One of Slovakia’s most prominent historical figures, Stefanik played a key role in the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918, in addition to being a French army general and the first Minister of War in Czechoslovakia.


  1. The world has witnessed many great leaders who changed the face of society are held in high regard for their work, and their lives inspire many.

    Martin Luther King,Mohandas Gandhi, Winston Churchill, even Adolf Hitler !

    So desperate are these Slovaks for a hero, that they still worship each year a guy who was 29 years old when he died ….having spent most of his adult life as a student or a star gazer ….Who next a tomb to Marrian Hossa ???

  2. If you bothered to read about the achievements of General Stefanik you would be better placed to make a valued opinion.
    As to your reference: ( a country of silly cretins); perhaps you would be so kind as to confirm your country of origin so the readership can at least have a benchmark on which to evaluate your opinion.

  3. So a nuffin bloke , who did nuffin really in 1918, born 131 years ago , who’s only real use was to make it easy thinking to have a street in every town and an Airport named after him, gets a whole Minister and a load of other stuffed shirts to turn up at a concrete blocks to pray in the middle of summer ?

    How dum and nationalistic voter worry can you get ? …What a country of silly cretins!

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