‘Mafia Buster’ Spisiak expects gangland hits

Not so long after returning to the job almost made for him at the helm of the Police Corps, Jaroslav Spisiak said on a television talk show that he predicts gangland executions to be on the increase as police start to rev up their attempts to squeeze the life out of organized crime in Slovakia.

For most of us living in Slovakia their activities go unnoticed, but not for everyone. Everyone nonetheless is affected by their activities, not only by the money continually ploughed into countermeasures and investigations, but also by the millions of euros in lost taxes – all of which would improve things for the good of the people at a time when jobs are under threat.

“My theory is based on the premise that organised crime gangs resort to murdering each other only when it’s absolutely necessary, when no other possible option exists,” Spisiak said before adding, “Murder is not a priority, it’s the effect of some unexpected or undesirable circumstance. One such circumstance is the police activity forcing them to make mistakes, to withdraw and prevent them from gaining easy access to money.”

The ‘anti corruption’ Police President wants to build bridges between the police and the public, maybe because without the help of the public (who still feel disenchanted with the police), tackling organised crime seems a tall order – even for Spisiak who in his last term in charge earned a reputation as a tough, all action crime buster. Police officers in Slovakia are eligible for special retirement after 15 years of service regardless of their age, compared to 30 years in the UK, nevertheless Spisiak has taken on the task of trying to convince the public not to view these retirements as an undeserved reward for doing nothing.

“I want people to understand that police officers deserve a special retirement policy for giving up activities a normal person would never give up,” said Spisiak.


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