Mafia-buster Spisiak wants to make example of Sered

A recent wave of vendettas in Sered against people who want to stand up against corruption in the town seems to have been the final straw, spelling the arrival of Chief of police, Jaroslav Spisiak.

A few days ago the local ‘mafia’ burned down the business of the brother of local councillor Pavol Kurbel (SDKÚ, KDH), apparently getting them mixed up. They did it two hours after giving him threatening telephone calls. They also burned the wrong cars and tried to torch a house of another target, but instead hit a house of the same colour across the street.

Locals are fed up with the situation, as local police officers are allegedly all tied up with the local mafia now, and things are getting out of hand. Local residents sent their demands to Prime Minister Iveta Radicova and Interior Minister Daniel Lipsic, mentioning among other things, how the town had become saturated with drug-related crime, robberies and prostitution with the police doing nothing about it.

Mafia-buster Spisiak went to visit the town of Sered in person yesterday and promised the people that they would soon see an improvement in the situation. He convened a special session of the town’s administration, at which he mentioned that it was like being back in Dunajska Streda 10 years ago (when Spisiak cracked down hard on local mafia and organised crime groups).

He explained how back then he  had “just 240 police officers at my disposal and we dealt with the situation within a year”, but now that he had over 20,000 officers at hand, he would dispatch them all to the town of Sered if necessary and make an example of the town. His first move is to replace the heads of the Police Directorate in Trnava.

He said the new people that will come in had worked with him in the Dunajska Streda case and that they knew exactly what to do. This reassured the massive audience that had gathered in the local hall, who expressed their gratitude with an emphatic round of applause.

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