Major investment at plastic company in Trnava

Belgian plastics processor, Fremach International, is preparing to invest EUR 10m  in Trnava, with a 10,440m2 production facility and 11,275 m2 of additional warehouse space.

The plant will manufacture a range of plastics components for the electronics and automotive industries, such as car dashboards, power sockets, and mounting brackets.

The construction of the plant should be complete by end of this year, and once ready will process around 6,300 tonnes of polymer granulate per annum, including ABS, polystyrene and polyamide 6/6.

The company will apparently install around 15 injection presses with a clamping force of up to 350 tonnes and 23 presses of over 350 tonnes at the new facility, taking them from its previous Trnava site.

Fremach’s Slovakian operation was acquired back in 2007 from Punch International of Saint-Martins-Latem, Belgium.

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