Man Collects and Loses EUR 10M from 220 People

Everyone knows you can make a quick buck on the Forex or stock markets, using professionals, but you should always take enough caution when making your investments, as over 200 people found out recently after giving up their money to a man in Senica on the promise of good returns.

Watch where you put your money (c) The Daily.SK

The man’s intentions are now in question as he raked together an estimated EUR 10 million between 2009 and 2010 to trade on the foreign exchange markets, from 220 people in total, but apparently lost the lot, leaving the hopeful investors out of thousands of euros, daily Hospodarske Noviny reports today.

The man named as Marek Zurek had no problem answering the questions of the daily, saying he had a series of bad transactions and so lost the lot, despite having promised yields of between 5-8% per month in the first year, meaning they could have almost doubled their investment. An investigation has now been launched by the National Bank of Slovakia to verify whether the man acted within the confines of the law or not, especially considering his promise also to withdraw as soon as one third of the investment was lost, which he did not.


  1. Guillible was not the first expression that came to my mind when I read this. Thick as Pig sh*t seems more apt. Then again in a country where everyone thinks they can get rich quick by almost any means save actually working this comes as no suprise. Any empathy for these people – No!.

  2. 10 million from 220 people…average of 45,000 each.
    Gullible, gullible, gullible…

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