Man Murders Three in Vengeance Killing

A vengeance killing claimed the lives of three people in the town of Zvolen today, after the former director of engineering company TC Trade walked in and shot the new management shortly after 8 am this morning.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

As reported by portal, 56-yr old Ivan H entered the company office, and shortly afterwards shot dead a 62-yr old man and his 36-yr old son, along with another 45-yr old man. The killer had apparently been the company director until February this year, with one employee telling the portal that they had not parted on the best of terms and that maybe they had not settled things to his liking financially.

The police arrived swiftly at the scene after the wife of the youngest of the slain victims called them from the next office. The man did not try to resist arrest in anyway, probably having already come to terms with his fate long ago, as he apparently only procured his gun in January of this year.


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  2. Perhaps we should not even get involved at all, in internal grief ?

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