Man Pulls Gun on Tram Driver Because of Route

Bratislava tram (c) Marc Ryckaert

Nobody could have forecast what was about to happen on the no. 9 tram this morning, when one of two passengers who were not happy about where the tram was going pulled out a gun and threatened the driver with it.

Bratislava police spokeswoman Tatiana Kurucova informed SITA newswire about the curious incident that public transport company DPB reported to the police. The female driver of the tram had no problem meeting their demands, though, which was to get off the tram near SNP Square.

The police are now looking for two man aged around 30, about 180 cm tall and wearing dark jackets, and asking any witnesses to come forth or call the emergency police number. The incident may have been caused by the change of tram routes earlier in the week, which people will have to get used to unless hijacking the tram is their intention.


  1. The only choke around here is you old son ….found any more dead bodies in your garden lately, whilst diverting another stream ?

  2. Loghead , were you not a claiming to be a dimwit policeman last week who watched and pondered, as his fellow citizens getting beaten up and gassed by the goon squad of his own special forces . I bet you one of those blue shirted keystone cops that the Town employ ?

    And you call me pitiful ?

    Such a whimp that you are, now you admit you are under the thumb of you wife, and when she says jump , you just ask how high each time .

    BTW. I speak the language. Lots of unhappiness comes out of been able to communicate in Slovakia. Listening to the stupid excuses, ……it was not my fault, it was someone else that did that , that was not my job, it is not my responsiblity, it is not possible to do that here , oh and I am sick or have a cold and must be off work ….yet again .

    1. Choking on your own bananas again, aren’t ya? ūüôā

  3. We all complain about Slovakia, even the Slovaks , just the blokes get all sensitive when we complain about them and how most of them have this huge tool coming from their forehead .

    Yes , Slovakia would be a great country, if anyone other than the Slovaks ran it .

  4. G.M. – for your info, sold the car, prefer to walk and ride public transport, suppose London rubs on a few! I will have a car again, but no rush! Anyway… You all seem like fun people who post here, makes me feel like I am not the only one complaining! At least that is what my wife thinks!

    1. George Dummy M. is not funny, he’s pitiful. People refer to him here as the dingus, paper’s idiot, cretin,…

      Don’t listen to your “pals” too much. I am also an expat, used to complain about the country where I live which was making my wife sad. I stopped, found the silver lining and got the perspective. My wife is much happier and I feel like a man who can handle everything not like a dingus.

      Also: Do you know what helps? If you speak the language. Lots of unhappiness comes out of not been able to communicate.

  5. Real jobs ?? What working in a factory or Mc Donalds ? Nope ..never been an English Teacher , god what a sad profession to admit to doing , like the last gasp of trying to get employment in Slovakia ….be an English language teacher . BTW. whats wrong with using a car …can you not afford the parking cost ?

  6. Sorry George, but those with real jobs…Not English Teachers, wake up at 5:00am…. Anyway, it is a shame that they don’t inform the public very well of changes in the transprotation, but then again, it only takes one hour to walk from end to end the entire town, excluding the absorbed areas…..

    So, yes every morning I ride the #9 to drop my child off at school, then to transit twice more by bus to my work! I am glad I know where to go, even if they change the routes, but it would help to know ahead of time, as we cannot all be late for work and meetings, as the Slovak Transport thinks!

  7. George M, Can you account for your whereabouts yesterday morning at 5am???

    They changed the 9 so it doesn’t run down Obchodna any more. Maybe they wanted a nightcap at Slovak Pub…

    1. Bloody asleep Pal …who the hell gets up at 5am ?

  8. Perhaps it would nice if this website informed people of changes in Tram or Bus etc routes even if for some given reasons …Oh Heavens , that would mean being a service to the public and with no free lunch, entry or nudge, nudge partnership being by way of a bribe.

    Pray tell EXPAT, what new, happy, joyous routing does the No.9 take that caused such outrage from the men in black?

  9. hijacking the tram is their intention??? Two weeks ago I watched a man jump onto a TRAM, looking very suspitious and constantly looking around (not very Slovak)…to see as we were pulling away from the tram stop a couple of police units, which looked to be interested in something in the area…. I don’t know if this guy was involved in anything, but it struck me as being different. I ride on the Tram #9 every morning and the change in the route was nice as it cuts some time off of the initial route made after the tunnel was closed. I didn’t see anyone hold the tram up…but if they were planning a highjacking, I would consider a visit to the phycological institute for the men… considering the tram driver don’t trun a wheel, it kinda makes it hard to change the route. I am more concerned about the fact that they needed to get dropped off at SNP square with a gun! What did they have planned?

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