Man Sentenced to 23 Years for Triple Vengeance Killing

Sometimes doing business is just not worth it, as three partners in the company TC Trade found out back in November 2012, when one of the excluded business partners shot them dead, the District Court in Banska Bystrica ruled today.

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The 57-yr old man, named as Ivan H, shot his three former business partners in cold blood in Zvolen last year, and will now serve a 23-year prison sentence for his violent act in a maximum security prison, Sme daily reports today.

In November last year, Ivan H entered the company office, and shortly afterwards shot dead a 62-yr old man and his 36-yr old son, along with another 45-yr old man. He was a former company director until February last year.

They had not parted on the best of terms, with the dispute over money, around EUR 300,000, leading eventually to the senseless killing of three people.

The killer expressed regret to the survivors of the dead for the trauma he caused them. He can still appeal the verdict.

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  1. Now some harsh and unfair commentators would say, thank Christ for that ! That`s four less Slowvak feeves to worry about, three made brown bread and one in clink, until he shuffles off this mortal coil …

    Then I remembered the old saying, ………that only the good die young .

    OK viewers, back to my bottle of scotch, plus the cheese and biscuits for the evening.

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