Marijuana March Takes To Bratislava Streets

For the fourth time, Slovakia will not be left out of the international Million Marijuana March organised for 5 May, with the aim of drawing attention to the medical and other benefits of cannabis and alter how the plant is perceived in society.

The event gets lots of attention in Madrid, Spain - Slomox

The event, which has taken place since 1999, promotes the use of cannabis as a lifestyle choice, and so is trying to reform the place cannabis related products have in society. It’s main objective, though, is to open up discussion about the legal aspects and punishments surrounding cannabis use. The gathering will take place on the Main Square in Bratislava.

Cannabis products have a rich range of uses from the textile industry to treating eye disorders, and for use with cancer patients and for restoring appetite after chemotherapy or in eating disorders, for instance. The organisers therefore promote greater use of marijuana for medical purposes.

As every year, the event has invited experts from various fields, including politicians, in the hope of discussing the decriminalisation of marijuana. Invited guests include PM Robert Fico, who recently said his new government would consider revising penalties and the classification of recreational marijuana use.

The Global Marijuana March (GMM) or the Million Marijuana March (MMM) is an annual rally held at different locations across the planet. It refers to cannabis-related events that occur on the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts, and may include marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals and information tables.

Around 700 different cities worldwide have signed up since 1999. There are local names for the event too. Such as: World Cannabis Day, Cannabis Liberation Day, Global Space Odyssey, Ganja Day, J Day, Million Blunts March, etc..

The Global Marijuana March is a celebration embracing cannabis culture as a personal lifestyle choice. Participants unite to discuss, promote, entertain and educate both consumers and non-consumers alike. Source: Wikipedia


  1. What did I say about Slovaks and Tiger Woods wannabee`s ?

  2. Crawford: careful, your arguments are easily unraveled re legalization or relaxing the laws. Look no further than CZ to find cops relieved they don’t have to go shaking down hs kids looking for pot. re: the Netherlands the avg. citizen smokes less than in places it’s illegal. as for govt.”tests” they do that with everything from meat to hand soap.we’re talking pot which is not on the same level as other more powerful and synthetic crap like methamphetamine. anyway, Slovakia’s in a time warp and might as well be Siberia. It’s really irrelevant what happens here. i think slovaks should stick to what they do best so don’t bend over to tie your shoe in public and let the rest of Europe get on about its business.

    1. Marek – I don’t give a damn if pot is legal or illegal, that is the choice of your law makers and it makes no difference to me either way.
      Police the world over enjoy a reduction in their workload and as I have said before I think the SK law is too harsh – but the law, as it is, is the law.
      I think you comment should read ” the average drug user smokes less in…..”. The average Dutch citizen is opposed to drugs of any kind that is why they have consistantly voted in governments that have taken an increasingly hard line on drug use, possession and dealing.
      The govt. testing was introduced because it was discovered that “street” products were being laced with other drugs – LSD,MDH etc and they also found chemicals such as DDT and Trichloro-ethane. The aim was to ensure that the products sold in the “cafes” were safe, which is the same reason they test food stuffs, additives, soaps and everthing else you use or injest.
      I don’t think the SK is in a time warp, I believe there is a genuine desire to bring this issue centre stage but what I don’t understand is why the current mechanisms available to SK citizens are not being utilised. As I understand it, if enough people sign a petition the Govt. is required to hold a referendum and are obliged to legislate upon the result.

  3. EXPAT – I don’t give a monkey’s about the legal status of blow, that is for each country to decide and I will go along with that decision. As I have said before, what people do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business BUT I do object to it becoming an issue in public places.
    I have stated that I do think the law in the SK is too harsh but I also respect that it is the law in this country.
    I am fully aware of the well documented benefits of the use of marijuana, opiates etc in medicine and treatment BUT I am also aware of the equally well documented medical opinion on its side effects.
    Like you, I know responsible people who have enjoyed a joint all of their lives with no ill effects either to their physical or mental health or to their ability to function as a member of society. However, I also have first hand experience of friends who have suffered serioud side effects from its use.
    As for your suggestion that marijuana supply could become an income stream for the government – No!. The established dealers will always provide the illicit stuff cheaper. The Dutch have tried it for the past 30 years or so and it actually costs the government to provide tested products and the number of illegal dealers has continued to rise.
    I agree that we all live our lives our own way and should be free to make our own informed decisions, however, I would point out that in every society there are those who can or will not behave responsibly and again I have had experience of this. At my last plant we had a number of serious accidents which upon investigation were down to people having a spliff at work, as a result we were obliged to introduce compulsory drug screening at considerable cost to the company and to the great concern of the workforce. In my opinion, Slovakia is unable to deal with the current irresponsible use of alcohol and, introducing legitimate marijuana use will only make the situation worse for all of us, users and abstinents alike.

  4. @D.C., dude, did you have a bad trip when you were younger or did a pot head steal your lunch? You seem to really hate the possibility of Mary Jane ever being legalized or decriminalized. Medicinal Marijuana has been proven to help eliviate some discomforts of chronical health issues, but it is not the only treatment! I, use to puff when I was younger, don’t any more… why, I just don’t need it in my life. On the other hand, my best friend would is very succesfull in the US puffs all the time, and he is over 40 and not a hippy, but a very hard working Regional Sales Manager for a great company. We all live our lives in different ways, some prefer to drink until they pass out, others don’t, it is their choice though. With M.J. there is no choice, it is classified with drugs like meth or crack….. in my vision, just a horrible classification and wrong way of doing things. Imagine if it was legalized, properly distributed, and taxed! That would be the one way to get out of this hole everyone has been living in the last several years in depression/recession. I don’t agree with children using and abusing drugs in any way, but with proper restrictions and a good former law with taxable products could be done in a way that everyone is happy. I think whta you do in your own home is your business, so perhaps this would be a start! Anyway, how is KS, I don’t miss that place at all!

  5. I hope the organisers also use the event to publicise the well documented side effects of marijuana, the long term health risks and the subsequent burden on society as a whole these create – I doubt it though!

  6. Wow Cat has left the building …dramatic or what ? Don`t worry you`ll be back .

    As for Loghead, the right to freedom of speech and the production of the news, other than demanded by the government PR agency, has not actually registered with your minute brain yet? We can all see why you claim to be a policemen and now you are one on this website . Can`t quite get over the day job when you leave the Panda car , Can Ya ,or is it Yeah !?!.

    Strange, neither of you cretins say my view of Slovaks is actually wrong , just you dont like the negative comments I make, or rather you dont like reading the real truth about the vast majority of Slovaks . In most of the old EU countries, 95% of the people are normal, OK people, ie live and let live and the other 5% plain nutters, sneaks and motherfxxxer bottom feeders. Here in Slovakia the percentage is totally reversed . I am not the only one making these observations . For some reason you two believe it is `cool` to hang out with Slovaks, so I can only think you both fall into the `other country` and their cesspit 5% ?

    As for the a guy doing a great charitable thing?? Did I say anything about him? But since you raise the issue , How much has he raised , how does he live day to day , pay for his world walking trip … ? The fact is he is a bit odd, bonkers etc . I guess you both can relate to him thou, as he dresses like a dustbin and does not want to work for a living ? Go outside 40klm Bratislava to a Slovak village and 95% of the people dress like him.

    BTW, next time you shake hands with Slovak , count your fingers . Both of you are prime trusting targets, to be ripped off soon .

  7. Perhaps you just don`t read the Daily news Cat ?

    JOJ bomb scare by Vlado, SaS in Drug trawl, Transexuals Int hate Fico lads piks. Gorilla leaves the cage etc . I just wish the choice was not so narrow about saying nice things about Slovaks it has nothing to do with me ever being narrow minded .

    1. I do read the Daily news, all of it, however I feel that you take every story- even the very positive ones like the ‘going for’a stroll story about the guy walking to NZ for charity and use it as an opportunity to put down the Slovaks saying how mean they all are? Do you know every Slovak person?? And is that all your input to a guy doing a great charitable thing??
      Anyway I will not be further commenting on any more of your attention seeking negative comments- I am all for getting your point across and for everyone having an opinion but your negative generalisations are disgusting…am off now to hang out with my lovely Slovak friends!! cau!

      1. Yeah, cats. That’s what Daily news is about.
        But the articles would be still OK, problem is that racist and xenofobic comments are accepted here as something normal. No other SVK or western web sites would ever allow something like that.

  8. George your generalisation of Slovaks is extremley narrow minded. Do you ever have anything nice to say or are you going to continue to do nothing but be an arrogant negative individual?

  9. Bleary eyed , vacant look, brain dead and staggering around the Towns, who would notice if any Slovak was on Marijuana or drugs here, or not ?

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