Massage room at Ministry of Interior

SME daily reported about the surprise awaiting new Minister of Justice, Lucia Zitnanska (SDKU), when she arrived at the Ministry to occupy her new office. Her predecessor Viera Petríkova (HZDS) had set up a massage room, with the Ministry concluding a contract with masseuse Lenka Petrikova.

The contracted price for one massage was EUR 8, which saw the Ministry foot a bill of several hundred euro a month. The most recent invoice to be paid (by the unsuspecting taxpayers) came to EUR 1440, even though it was settled from the Ministry’s social fund.

The masseuse claims no relation to the former minister, even though they have the same surname. She also mentioned that members of the Supreme Court wanted to utilise the special room, equipped with shower and massage bench, but they were not admitted as the contract was just with the Ministry.

Some people really can’t complain about their working conditions, but the new minister plans to cancel the contract.

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