Match-Fixing Scandal Rocks Slovak Football

Top football players from Slovakia and the Czech Republic are embroiled in match-fixing charges after an ongoing investigation carried out by the Slovak and Czech criminal authorities, revealing widespread corruption in various leagues, with seven players and associates from Slovakia already on corruption charges.

Money changed hands right after match (c) The Daily.SK

The special operation examining how players were working in cahoots with betting mafia, throwing matches to the opponents for a bribe. Four of the charged players were playing for top league team DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda, so the disgust among the teammates can only be guessed at.  The news was announced by Police Commissioner Tibor Gaspar at the end of last week.

The joint sting involving Czech and Slovak police saw another 12 people charged in the Czech Republic, but the number is expected to rise. The revelations have also led many to question whether the current league table shouldn’t be scrapped as the results are essentially null and void. Some 19 matches were allegedly rigged by the performance of the charged players.

The bribes themselves to were reported to be between EUR 2,000 and EUR 60,000. The scam was apparently run from somewhere in Asia with the use of betting offices in Asia. Match-fixing could be affecting all the first four leagues in Slovakia. The investigation continues.


  1. The UK leagues were rocked by similar criminal activity a few years ago so it comes as no suprise that it is rife here. I feel sorry for the decent , honest players and the loyal fans who have been robbed by those who would taint the beautiful game. I hope the Slovak FA investigate this in full, leave no stone unturned, name, shame, expel all those involved and ensure that they never touch a football again at any level.

  2. Whatever happened to Jimbo the football reporter, with his awesome articles and comments?? I would have thought he would be oozing all over this incident?

    Did he go the way of Desperate Dan, the cretin Slovan supporter and nuke himself with his own huge, `my website is better then your website` ego ?

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