Matovic: All Slovak Political Parties Are Corrupt

At a press conference this morning (18 July), controversial independent MP Igor Matovic spoke about the issue of corruption among political parties in Slovakia, while trying not to point a finger at anyone specifically.


MP Igor Matovic (c) The Daily

Matovic claims that all major political parties in Slovakia are corrupt and that all too often they abuse their power to give posts or contracts to their sponsors, families, party members or even leaflet distributors, even though they may not possess the necessary expertise.

Matovic noted how for years in Slovakia political nominations have not even been regarded as corruption, but that this is nothing short of direct corruption. He feels that political parties abuse their power and put personal interests before those of the public.

He did find some praise for the current coalition, however, for its efforts towards combating corruption, mentioning the publication of contracts on the internet as an example. Not such nice words were directed at the former government of Robert Fico, though, referring to them as “Fico’s mob”, and noting how the current coalition was nowhere as bad as they were in terms of corruption.

Matovic mentioned as an example how when local road authorities were being “shared out”, those involved were battling over who got most kilometres, as this is apparently linked to the volume of revenue that they could gain from the position. He also said he has information regarding the Kosice tax office affair, and that if shown to be true, he will demand that the company Nitra Invest be disqualified from the tender.


  1. This is a bit like reporting, that snails slide along on slime ??

    No real news to deliver then John ?

    1. I knew someone would make the analogy. News is, first time an MP has said it.

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