Matovic Calls Prochadzka’s Bluff in Tax Dodge Affair

Head of the OLaNO party Igor Matovic is not letting up the pressure regarding the recently disclosed audio recording incriminating head of the newly formed Siet party, Radoslav Prochadzka.

Slovak Parliament (c) The Daily.SK

Only excerpts from the recording were released on the internet on Tuesday this week, and so Matovic is now calling on Prochadzka, who claims the recording has been strongly edited, to give his consent to the release of the full 1-hour long conversation the two top politicians had, and so prove his innocence.

Matovic made his challenge at a press conference held yesterday, pointing out how he needed Prochadzka’s consent to the release, but that if given he would then publish the complete recording to prove that nothing has been ‘”cleverly edited” or put out of context as Prochadzka claimed. Matovic says he has no idea who leaked the passages of their conversation, and so does not rule out that the whole conversation might also be leaked eventually anyway.

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