Matovic Camps Out Over Per-Vote Subsidy

Independent MP and head of the newly formed party of Ordinary People and Independent Personalities, Igor Matovic, has decided to camp out on the SNP Square in Bratislava in protest at how political parties should not cash in on the early elections.

MP Igor Matovic (c) The Daily

Matovic and a few others started their protest symbolically on 17 November, after the demand that political parties undertake to give up at least half of the per-vote subsidy they receive in the early elections, because they already received contributions just one and a half years ago in the regular elections.

Matovic and company wanted to put up a tent, and received the authorisation of all necessary bodies except that of City Hall. As Bratislava mayor Milan Ftacnik has not yet given them permission, they eventually slept outside in sleeping bags, but one man at least offered to bring them heated beds that are used for the homeless.

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