Matovic: Ordinary People Party is “Cleansed”

MP Igor Matovic (c)

Independent MP and head of the recently formed Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party Igor Matovic took a bit of a blow yesterday as 24 of some of his top candidates stepped out of the party election slate over a lie detector dispute.

Matovic had pointed out last year that his candidates would undergo a lie detector test to prove their integrity, but many of the candidates did not agree with it, especially in connection with the question of whether or not they had ever taken a bribe.

Matovic himself says the departure of the 24 candidates is not a problem, rejecting the idea that his party is falling apart, referring to it instead as a kind of cleansing. He is sticking to his guns, pointing out how the Gorilla protesters are also demanding that politicians undergo lie detector tests.

Matovic feels that some of the candidates must have something to hide, attacking specifically Vlaimir Palko from the KDS faction of the party for refusing, because as interior minister he had forced police officers to take lie detector tests. Matovic feels people will still be impressed by the party slate, despite the loss of several prominent public figures.


  1. “what do you have to hide?” is a question that could equally be used towards anyone who refuses an invasive request. While the idea of having honest people in government is ideal, I worry that it would set a precedent that might be expanded into other parts of society.

    Besides, the hard core corrupt would be able to pass the test without breaking a sweat….

  2. Well done Matovic! – at last a politician with principles.

    As for the candidates who “have a problem” – what have you got to hide?

    Its a shame lie detector tests are not manditory for all politicians, everywhere, not just Slovakia.

  3. Where r u from George? Do u understand my question?

  4. There is a certain irony to being independent personalities only if you are willing to yield to the demands of the boss….

  5. Losgar , this is a news comments area, not LonelyHeartsPersonals Dot Com . Are you in love with me or something, demanding my inside leg measurement ?

    Use your fingers to count pal , then take your shoes and socks off when , you get to 11, 12 etc , there`s a good Slovak.

    Alec, you`re way,way ahead of the current field here …but just don`t mention the war .

  6. I fail to see what integrity has to do with lying. Everyone lies, it’s a question of the purpose of those lies and the intended effect.

    1. George never lies!! Stop doubting him Alec!! ūüôā

  7. Losgar, I would stick to counting your balls , or if you like you can count mine ?

    1. Oh George, ashamed you are, for all the comments you wrote, so you don’t want to say your nationality. Don’t worry, I won’t judge all your country men because of you.
      About the balls: I thought we established that you have none, what should I count?

  8. No wonder the Political establishment dislike this guy . Lie detector test to prove their integrity …..and most Slovaks would fail .

    1. What about you George? Would you pass? Just one question for you George: “Do you blame others for you own failures?”
      Anyway George: Where are you from? What country? Maybe this will explain something. And remember George: You are a man of full integrity, don’t lie.

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