Matovic refuses to slap “Lady Anna” back

MP Igor Matovic from the SaS party, who took a slap in the face in parliament, said he did not want the Parliamentary mandate and immunity committee to take the matter any further. He was slapped in the face on Tuesday, 10 August, by vice-chairwoman of SNS, Anna Belousovova for referring to her as Anca (pronounced Ancha).

“I would like to see it omitted from the agenda,” he said. It was his party colleague Natalia Blahova who filed the complaint to the committee, but Matovic said he would request her to withdraw it. Because of the motion, the Parliamentary immunity and mandate committee planned to look into the matter at the end of August.

In defence of her actions, Belousovova said her slap was intended only to show Matovic how he should treat a lady. Talking about his unwillingness to take the matter further, Matovic said he would not want to treat “Lady Anna” in this way.

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