Matovic Sets Example For MPs With Lie Detector

Matovic sets example - photo: Obycajni Ludia

Controversial head of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party, Igor Matovic, is trying to set an example to other politicians by taking a lie detector test to prove he has never accepted bribes etc.

On 8 February Matovic said goodbye to 24 candidates in his party’s election slate because they refused to take such a test. Matovic himself took the lie detector test on 17 February in London under the eye of the President of the British and European polygraph associations, Don Cargill and he even has a certificate of no deception to prove it.

Matovic is now challenging other politicians to do the same, saying that if the system was used on people running for parliament, it would be the greatest anti-corruption step ever taken in Slovakia.


  1. Why should anyone be forced to take a lie test ?? In the world according to smug Alec, if you have nothing to hide then why would you not take a test ?

    Whatever happened with the freedom to choose , smug Alec ?.

    The world has already become Orwellian guided by the mad max George Bush and his cronies , with illegal arrests without trial , forced bag searches, x rays and body searches at airports ….

    Welcome to smug Alec and his safe world … the Government we vote for controls your entire life .

  2. Entertaining he may be, but the underlying message which questions the honesty and integrity of the whole political system is serious. If politicians have nothing to hide then they should seriously consider taking the test, a bit like catholic confession. Those who chose not to take the test should be assumed guilty, just as with the law on refusing to be breathalyzed, and be barred from any political office for life.

  3. He just loves cameras and one thing that he’s very skilled at is entertaining people by making other politicians furious.

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