Matovic: T-Shirts For First Time Voters

MP Igor Matovic (c) The Daily

In typical ‘Matovic’ style, independent MP and head of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party Igor Matovic is trying to encourage first-time voters to make use of their right to vote in the elections by offering T-shirts and other benefits.

Matovic announced his latest initiative to the press today on SNP square in Bratislava, saying some 20,000 T-shirts bearing the motto “We Love This Country” would be given to voters who write that they love the country on the party’s Facebook page on the day of the eleciton, this Saturday, 10 March. They can then collect their T-shirts at the respective local town halls.

Even this gesture, aimed at getting the part of the population who should be most concerned about the future of the country, the young first time voters, has come up against a hitch. The Central Electoral Commission (UVK) is looking into the matter with claims that some kind of corruption is begind the initiative, akin to vote buying. Maybe it not the thought that counts.


  1. George M you are a big very big kokot !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Slovakia is just full of old people that grew up in Socialism, where the State paid for everything . Fico just appeals to this group of Ma & Pa`s because they remember the good old days, when milk and bread was one Slovak Krone. …although quite how he is going to pay for this 100 euro boost, who knows ? The fact is, his supporters and voters are dying and less young people remain here for work and pay taxes, to support pension increases . Personal taxes must therefor go up under a Fico government .

    BTW , My person in the know at Smer, seems sure he will fall short , bu getting just 73 seats in the parliament …my bet is on 72 seats. I wonder which bum lickers will be joining him ?…..the good Pope lovers, Christians, horse jumpers and hand wringers in the KDH party seem favorite …but without Daniel Dipstick one feels ?

  3. Double Standards:
    Matovic offers first time voters a t-shirt, not for voting for his party, but just for turning up to vote and the UVK thinks this is vote buying.
    El Fico announces that he will increase pensions by 100 Euros if people vote his party into power and that is OK?

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