Matovic’s “Crony” List Shakes Up Political Scene

Yesterday controversial independent MP from the Ordinary People faction, Igor Matovic, published a lengthy list of people that in some way are suspected of being politically nominated to strategic posts.

MP Igor Matovic (c) The Daily

Although the list contains over a thousand names, it is neither accurate nor updated, with some of the data in it being totally outdated. Matovic decided to publish it on his Facebook page anyway, and it has aroused a lot of interest among journalists and watchdogs, while being condemned by various politicians.

Matovic says the release of the list represents the first step in a kind of cleansing process in Slovak politics. He admits that he has not verified the names on the list and that he merely “got his hands on it”, while refusing to say where he acquired it.

Many people included in the list are starting to shout out about how they were never involved with the party that is assigned next to their name, and political parties themselves are criticising it as inaccurate. The list contains names of suspected political nominees to various posts in public administration bodies, with around half of them given an affiliation to some certain political parties.

The list is part of Matovic’s ongoing crusade against the cancer of political cronyism in Slovakia, after he declared all political parties corrupt back in July, followed by a testimony given at the Attorney General’s Office.

Head of coalition party Mos-Hid, Bela Bugar, pointed out how the inaccuracy of the list could damage those people included in it who are in fact not political nominees. He also noted how just because someone is put forward by a political party does not necessarily mean they are a political nominee, while saying Matovic is just seeking attention.

Richard Sulik, parliamentary speaker and head of coalition party SaS, which Matovic was expelled from for joining the opposition in a vote on the Citizenship Act, also said the list could harm the reputations of innocent people. As an example, he pointed to how 11 people on the list classed as nominees of his party have been in their posts for up to 20 years.

Almost everyone is claiming that the idea is good in principle, but that it should be done properly. Matovic is hoping his friends will work on verifying the accuracy of the list and he does not rule out the list, referred to as Part 1, being extended further. The full list can be viewed here.

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